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Weeds Weeds WEEDS!

What happened to Copake Lake this summer with all the #%!@$ weeds?! Not only were we dealing with COVID-19,  spiking unemployment, remote work and mask wearing, but we all had to deal with weeds fouling our motors and muck in our swimming areas. What a pain! What is up?  The lake has more weeds than […]

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How to Make a Memorial Donation to the CLCS

Recently, a member wondered if it is possible to designate an online donation to the Copake Lake Conservation Society “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” a specific individual. The answer is YES, and it is easy! Begin by going to the homepage, and click on the “DONATE” button. When you arrive at the Donate […]

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CLCS President’s Letter of Appeal for Your Support

In this year of COVID-19 and curtailed fundraising opportunities, an appeal from CLCS President Debra Ruggieri.

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Copake Lake will be treated to reduce algae this Friday, June 19th. A 24-hour swim ban will be in effect.

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It is with deep regret that we report on the passing of Michael “Mickey” Braunstein, whose plane crashed into the Hudson River off Germantown, New York on Friday, May 3.For many of us, it was a thrill to watch Mickey take off and land on Copake Lake. Children and adults alike would stop and watch.After […]

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