Weeds Weeds WEEDS!

What happened to Copake Lake this summer with all the #%!@$ weeds?! Not only were we dealing with COVID-19,  spiking unemployment, remote work and mask wearing, but we all had to deal with weeds fouling our motors and muck in our swimming areas. What a pain!

What is up? 

The lake has more weeds than usual this year. In areas that have a sediment bottom, weeds have grown so much that they are causing problems with boaters.

Last Spring, it was decided to use a new weed treatment in order to avoid the 14-day swimming, fishing and lake outflow restriction imposed by NYDEC on our usual treatment, to which many of our members have expressed objections. The new treatment had a shorter water use restriction, but it obviously did not work as expected, so invasive weeds Eurasian Water Milfoil and Curly Leaf Pondweed were not controlled. Further, the usual later summer native weeds have grown tremendously, thanks to the warm weather, clear water and abundant sunshine. Increased boating activity may also have caused the weeds to be spread further.

What Can Be Done? 

The CLCS lake consultant and treatment application contractor are both very aware of the situation. CLCS has been clear that we are disappointed with this year’s results.

A plan for the 2021 treatment will be developed based on the monthly lake quality surveys up through October. It is possible that a Spring whole-lake treatment will be recommended, similar to 2018. This is a big money plan.

How Can YOU Help? 

The cost for whole-lake treatment is likely to be over $150,000, more than double the typical cost. YOU can help by increasing your donation and encouraging your family, neighbors and fellow boaters to contribute generously.

We are fortunate to have such a lovely, clean lake. Please do your part to keep it that way.

We apologize for the 2020 weed problems. Help us make 2021 and beyond better.


Lake Management Committee