High Water Hazards

​This year's heavy rain and resulting high water have added a significant element of danger to our lake. The objects pictured above were collected from the lake within the last week. Running over this type of debris could be very dangerous, especially to those riding on personal water crafts or participating in water sports of any kind.


  • ​Dock owners and property owners with shoreline should take some time to walk along the shoreline to remove any floating wood, etc. and put it high up on the shore, or better yet dispose of it so it doesn't end up back in the lake.
  • ​Please keep your dock in good condition with all pieces securely attached.
  • ​If you are boating and see something floating in the water, please pick it up and remove it from the lake.
  • ​At the end of the season, remove your dock and store it high up on the shore.

​A number of docks in poor condition have been noted around the lake, particularly on Lakeview Road, which may be the source of some of this debris. Please talk to your neighbors and spread the word that this is potentially hazardous to everyone. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.